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Technical & Safety Boats


We meet your various needs, whether they are technical, safety-related, or organizational, in order to meet the requirements of film crews.

  • Scouting Boats  
  • Rescue and Safety Boats
  • Film Equipment Boats
  • Catering and Green Room Boats

All our boats are crewed by reliable and experienced professionals. 


Scouting Boats

A crucial step in the pre-production process, come scout the various coastal locations and sets for your upcoming film and photo shoots.


Rescue and Safety Boats

From fast intervention boats to area delineation vessels for filming, or professional lifeguards... With our fleet, we ensure a safe filming environment.


Film Equipment Boats

Our fleet of technical boats will save you time by storing your production equipment as close to the filming location as possible. Additionally, we offer a selection of camera boats that will enable you to capture shots of the boat in action and its surroundings.


Catering and Green Room Boats

With functional and practical spaces dedicated to meal breaks, makeup, and dressing rooms, our boats meet all the logistical needs of the film industry at sea, saving you time by eliminating the need to return to shore.